Rounded corner poster font download

Share this rounded poster font is free to download, the font copyright is for personal use only, please do not use for commercial purposes, rounded poster font file support format is TTF format, rounded poster body has a total of 188 characters, provided The author of the font is Fenotype, I hope that this set of rounded poster font downloads will be your favorite.

Rounded corner poster font download

Font preview (2 photos)

圓角海報字體 下載

圓角海報字體 下載 (Preview image from Fenotype)

Rounded poster font use inform

1. rounded font alliance to share this poster fonts, copyright labeled "for personal use only, do not use for commercial purposes," but if there is a special purpose or made LOGO or trademark word, then please notify the author Fenotype .

2. The rounded poster fonts introduced by the Font Alliance only provide official download points without any packaging and private loading points.

3. Do not resell, rewrite, or illegally trade rounded poster fonts. If there is any legal problem, the font alliance will not be responsible.

Rounded corner poster font description

  • Font Name: Rounded Corner Poster Font
  • English name: FT Helsingfurt Font
  • Font format: TTF
  • Number of characters: 188
  • Font Author: Fenotype
  • Font copyright: For personal use only, please do not use for commercial purposes.
  • Font Download: Rounded Corners Poster Font Download
  • Official website loading point: DOWNLOAD
  • Article update: 2019-08-20