Hand-painted border font download

Share this hand-painted border font is free to download, the font copyright is for commercial use or personal use, the hand-painted border font file support format is TTF installation file, the hand-painted border body has a total of 95 characters, the font author is Teagan_white, hope to recommend this set of hand-painted border font download will make you satisfied.

Hand-painted border font download

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手繪邊框字體 下載

手繪邊框字體 下載 (Preview image from teagan_white)

Hand-painted border font use notification

1. This hand-painted border font shared by the Font Alliance is copyrighted as "commercial or personal", but please inform the author teagan_white if it has a special purpose or is made into a LOGO or trademark.

2. The hand-drawn border fonts introduced by the Font Alliance only provide official download points without any packaging and private loading points.

3. Do not resell, rewrite, or illegally trade the hand-painted border fonts. If there is any legal problem, the font alliance will not be responsible.

Hand-painted border font description

  • Font Name: Hand-painted border font
  • English name: Clementine Sketch Font
  • Font format: TTF
  • Number of characters: 95
  • Font Author: teagan_white
  • Font copyright: For commercial use or for personal use
  • Font download: hand-painted border font download
  • Official website loading point: DOWNLOAD
  • Article update: 2019-08-20